Deoleo: our Quality and Transparency Manifesto 

Deoleo renews and reaffirms its promise of quality and transparency by launching five commitment measures in 2016.


We are voluntarily implementing stringent quality parameters for our extra-virgin olive oils.

100% extra-virgin

Our products are 100% extra virgin olive oil.

Best olive oils selection

All around the world there are high quality and low quality olive oils. We select among the best to create our unique blends.

Dark bottle

We are using dark bottles for our extra virgin olive oils to protect against light and to help further safeguard the quality of our products during its lifecycle.*

Transparency on the label

Our labels will report detailed information about our products, including harvesting** and production dates, in addition to expiration date.*

*Dark bottle will be implemented to Carbonell products in 2018.

**Harvesting Information only applies to Carapelli products.